4th January 2012

"Stupid Mode" in wvdial

As shown in my previous post, I could use my Blackberry's 3G connection to connect to the Internet over bluetooth. However, there was a problem. Everytime I used wvdial to connect to the internet, wvdial would pause for a long while, then print:

Don't know what to do! Starting pppd and hoping for the best.

before starting pppd and connecting to the Internet.

This was troublesome because I suspend the EeePC often, and everytime I wake it up from sleep I would have to wait a long while before internet access would be available.

Thankfully, one additional line in wvdial.conf fixed this:

Stupid Mode = 1

And the problem was solved since wvdial would start pppd immediately once it connected to the ISP. Problem solved -- by making wvdial stupid.